K3 Blogs, Newsletters, and Products (Oh my!)

Aaaaaaand we’re live! Three ways we’re lifting the veil on what we do and who we are at K3.


We've never blogged before here at K3. In fact, we're a pretty quiet bunch in general. We're based out of the small town of Walla Walla in Eastern Washington State and even though we're the largest software development company in the valley, almost nobody in town has ever even heard of us. For over 10 years now we've just been keeping our heads down and doing all we could to make a difference in the world. We've never really been into making a bunch of noise. And while our commitment to making a difference hasn't changed, a whole bunch of other stuff has. And those changes have us more excited about the future than ever before. And well...it would be downright selfish of us to attempt to corral all that excitement and hog it for ourselves. So we won't. We're going to begin sharing it with you. One blog post at a time. 


We've never done a newsletter at K3 either. And we're even more excited about this than we are about blogging! (I told you we were excited.) Our newsletters will hit inboxes more frequently than blog posts will hit the web, but we promise not to inundate you. We don't believe newsletters should be bragaphones for shouting about how great you are. They're much better suited for engaging with people of shared interests and passions through a medium they already use everyday. And we're convinced the only way we'll ever be able to make the kind of impact we're meant to make in this world is by tapping into the creativity and energy outside our own four walls. So, not only will we regularly share what we're working on and what discoveries we're making, but we're going to be asking you for your insight, feedback, and involvement in a variety of ways. 

New Product

The thing we're most excited about at K3 right now though, is the progress we're making developing a new product (Swivel). Our team consists of 10 people spread out across 2 states. We have a small office in Walla Walla, but only a couple people tend to work here at any given time. The majority of the time we all work remotely. Which is great! We love the flexibility it provides and simply wouldn't be the team we are today otherwise. But we also recognize there remains a significant gap between the collaborative experience of working in an office together, and working together remotely. In a very broad sense, Swivel's primary goal is focused on bridging that gap. It's safe to say that news and discussions related to Swivel will take center stage in blog and newsletter content.

And so...in many ways...our journey begins here. And we'd love to have you join us.