How to Create Your Own Vibrant Remote Team Culture


How to Create Your Own Vibrant Remote Team Culture


(5-Part Live Webinar Series)

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Here at K3, we've been an entirely remote team for over 10 years. And during that time, only 2 fellow team members have chosen to leave for opportunities elsewhere. We believe that says a lot about the kind of culture we've been able to cultivate over the years. Now we want to show you exactly how you can achieve similar results by developing the same kind of committed remote team within your own organization.

1. It’s more about the work (and less about fun perks) than you think.
Learn how to create a remote team culture of people far more motivated by the work they do, than by things like shuffleboards and free lunches.

2. Why hiring the right remote people is the most important thing you do.
Learn how to hire the perfect remote employee every time.

3. Mastering the big 3: trust, autonomy, and transparency.
Learn how embedding these values into everything your team does results in higher job satisfaction and improved employee retention.

4. Make your remote workers feel like all-stars, not outcasts.
Learn how harnessing planning and creativity to help your remote workers feel more included than ever before can become your new competitive edge.

5. Embrace the power of water cooler chat.
Learn how providing ways for your team to interact organically not only boosts productivity, but also increases a sense of belonging and purpose on the team.



(January 9th at 10:00pm PST)

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